We have a bone to pick with rust and weathering!


Our core expertise. In recent decades, we have processed many millions of square metres of steel and in 2016 we moved and coated the world's heaviest monopile, with a weight of over 1302 tonnes. With our large production halls and our several thousand square metres of storage space, we are able to professionally process any surface. Our complete corrosion protection services can be combined with our heavy duty logistics. This means that no waiting times or delays arise for our customers. 

We are able to perform stationary and mobile work for you across Europe:

  • Blasting and coating work for conventional and heavy corrosion protection 
  • Removal and disposal of old coatings contaminated with PAH and asbestos
  • Maximum pressure water jets (max. 3,000 bar)
  • Interior tank coatings, applied conventionally or using the 2K hot spray process
  • Sprayable rubber coatings using ProCoat®
  • Thermal spraying of zinc, aluminium and their alloys
  • Thermoplastic coatings
  • Coatings using Oxifree TM 198
  • Powder coatings
  • All types of blasting work
  • Staining and passivation work
  • Labelling work


If your conventional corrosion protection is no longer sufficient, we have further special solutions ready for you in the form of coatings. We operate with all corrosion categories (C1 – CX)

Since our work on the wind farm "Arkona Becken Südost" for E.ON, our robotics have also been used since 2017 for coating work on monopiles using thermally coated aluminium.

We developed a robot-supported coating option for this project with our R&D department.

E.ON was therefore the first company in the world to install the monopiles of an offshore wind farm entirely using environmentally friendly corrosion protection technology, thereby setting new standards.


The coating process involves a robot with two arc torches spraying molten aluminium onto the foundation. The process is conducted dust-free for the most part under the highest occupational safety and environmental protection standards. The surface is then sealed.

We are proud to have found another way in which we can significantly reduce environmental influences with this process.


With mobile corrosion protection, we bring our proven quality and technology to your location! Our team is continually gaining references in the fields of bridge renovation, tank renovation, lock gate renovation, weir drums and other steel structures. We have prepared a suitable coating for you for each corrosion category. 

We use environmentally friendly blasting agent processing (TRGS 519 is fulfilled) with our mobile blasting unit, which means that the processed blasting agent can be used again multiple times and therefore significantly less needs to be disposed of. Old coatings containing hazardous substances can also be blasted in this way.

Thanks to the use of our own logistics, we are independent and extremely flexible in terms of location, time and speed when it comes to your project!


Corrosion protection under particular exertion is defined by its environment:

  • Working at heights
  • Working with hazardous substances
  • Protection against radiation
  • Tank interiors

Whether on land or at sea, our employees are precisely suited to work in these areas of application due to their qualifications and the results of their occupational health examinations.

When working at heights, our trained personnel (FISAT/IRATA) are not limited by either the climate or the operation site. We have been able to gain experience at all possible kinds of operation sites, such as support structures, gantry cranes, coal power plants, offshore platforms, industrial plants, etc.

Our employees have been trained internally to complete services which can be performed at heights. The following capacities are available for this purpose, at a minimum:

  • 10 industrial climbers (Level3 AvO)
  • 40 industrial climbers (Level1-2)


Our stationary corrosion protection is available at our 4 locations in Hamburg, Wismar, Rostock and Lubmin. Different hall capacities and logistical access result in a wide range of options for your components and requirements.

Our blasting and coating technology is characterised by a high level of environmental efficiency (recirculating blasting media, electric compressors, heat recovery).

Always an option: complete logistical processing for your components!

Operating premises in Hamburg

On a site of around 8000 m², you will immediately be able to find several options with which we can further help you.

Among other things, there is an option to have components weighing up to a maximum of 9 tonnes machined in one of our three blasting halls. Thanks to our two mobile ceiling cranes with a load capacity of 4.5 tonnes, there is nothing standing in the way of your components being unloaded in our hall.

In order to be able to offer you flexibility, we have different blasting media variants available for you. Depending on the material of your component, it is possible for us to process your component using various reprocessing systems by means of steel gravel, glass bead or granite.

Our blasting halls enable us to process components with a length of up to 19 m and a width of 4.50 m.

If your component has to be cleaned before it can be blasted, we can clean it thoroughly using warm water in our stationary cleaning hall.

Next to the blasting halls, we have a heated coating hall measuring L=14 m x W=4 m x H=4 m on our premises, in which we are able to coat your component in accordance with your specifications and wishes.