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Crane/transport and heavy duty logistics

Our heavy duty logistics includes several departments which can represent the entire logistics process. As we have access to a large, company-owned fleet, there is no waiting time or delay in order processing for our customers. We also have several thousand square metres of storage space at our disposal here, and we have the ability to create our own transport and storage concepts using a computer-aided CAD system. We are able to take a look back on the indispensable years of expertise gained by our employees in this field, too. We manufacture protection for transport and storage for our customers ourselves, so that everything is perfectly protected against damage. 

We are able to perform the following work for you across Europe:

  • Telescopic crane work up to 500 tonnes 
  • Heavy-duty transport 
  • Process of modular SPMT heavy duty systems – unit weight up to 5000 tonnes 
  • Creation of transport and logistics concepts 
  • Manufacture of custom-made packaging for storage and transport 
  • Accompanying support trips BF3/BF4

Many years of experience have taught us that if a service is performed well, it also includes protection against accidents and disasters. Therefore, thanks to our combination of heavy duty logistics, crane logistics, recovery vehicles and oil shipment vehicles, we can offer you all forms of vehicle and material recovery. 

Our specially developed "e-discharge container" is used for e-vehicles damaged in accidents.