Specialists in all fields

Industrial climbers

When working at heights, our trained personnel (FISAT/IRATA) are not limited by either the climate or the operation site. We have been able to gain experience at all possible kinds of operation site, such as support structures, gantry cranes, coal power plants, offshore platforms, industrial plants, etc. As we calculate and create our own rope access concepts, we don't need to use expensive scaffolding with our customers. Our competence also results from the fact that we call the airy heights our "home", both on land and on the water. 

We are able to perform the following work for you across Europe:

  • Corrosion protection work 
  • Cleaning and renovation 
  • Installation and assembly 
  • Inspection work 
  • Labelling work 
  • Colouring work
  • Special instructions for working with live voltage