Reliability on the high seas


We have been involved in offshore support since the German offshore wind industry was launched in 2009, and have been processing our customers' orders in an extremely professional manner ever since. Our own employees specialised in the offshore sector naturally have all the necessary GWO authorisations and certifications. Our offices situated on the coast guarantee that we can be on site quickly with our own fleet of ships and therefore do not cause standby times for our customers. We can support you with our own aircraft for industrial purposes and for use in scientific work. 

Aerial scientific work

We have been able to use our own company aircraft to offer observation flights in both Germany and Europe in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. Among other things, we are authorised to fly at heights of (250ft to 500ft | 76 m to 152 m), in order to ensure good observation visibility for observers. Large bubble windows provide observers on the aircraft with a 180° view from the port and starboard sides. 

Observations of individual or multiple bird species, as well as nesting or moulting sites in certain regions are in the foreground here. This always concerns environmental impact assessments in connection with the offshore industry.

Our group-owned IT company and cooperation partner can provide you with corresponding image and video data quickly and precisely, in a variety of formats.

Thanks to our technical equipment and the expertise of our professional pilots, we can also offer orders for customers working in a wide variety of industries throughout Europe. 

The safety of all parties involved is the top priority for us on all of our flights, therefore our pilots all have to be in possession of a professional pilot licence (CPL MEP IR frozen ATPL) and undergo flying and character suitability tests twice a year by an inspector (CRE). 


  • Offshore digital photography (survey flights)
  • Onshore digital photography
  • Offshore digital videos (survey flights)
  • Light detection and ranging
  • Remote sensing operations
  • More ...

References | Partners

  •   IfAÖ Institut für Angewandte Ökosystemforschung GmbH
  •   GICON-Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH
  •   ARDEX Aviation Maintenance GmbH
  •   More …

Ihr Ansprechpartner:

Holger Ackermann

Berufspilot | Flugbetriebsleiter

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Technical data

Parameters  Partenavia P.68
Crew / passengers  2  /  5
Length 9.15 m
Wingspan 12.00 m 
Height 3.40 m 
Wing surface 18.60 m²
Load capacity 510 kg
Max. takeoff weight 1990 kg
Reisegeschwindigkeit 281 km/h
Maximum speed 357 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 19700 ft  (6096 m)
Range 2280 km
Aircraft engines  2 × 200 PS (147 kW)